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Musings of a self diagnosed prat

Date: 2008-01-09 14:28
Subject: Any one interested in my work? No? Move along then
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Tags:uni, work
Anyway Look these are two of the three Sound Design projects i had to do for my first term assements!

I put them on youtube, cause Jade gave me the genius idea.

PLEASE NOTE! I didn't make the videos, thats thanks to Samsung and Sky Movies.

I did all the sound work, everything you hear i put in. I did all the music myself, ie the piano and drums bit and maniuplated various sound sourses for the effects!

EDIT: And the final one

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Date: 2007-09-29 02:03
Subject: I am wankerd
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seroiusly, typing this when pissed is proably not the best idea. But atn i do not cre.

I have cut my wrist, removign a fucking freshers band that was too tight not impreessed. My house mates are looking at me funny, cause im pissed. Jesus, fuckign good noght thoguh! Bu t tomrow is the weekend. youll have a REAL cohearnr update them!

love to the flisht xxxxxxx
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Date: 2007-09-13 20:30
Subject: (no subject)
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Shamelessly from iberghol

Career meme:
1. Go here: http://www.careercruising.com/default.asp
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top twenty results.
5. Bold preferences.

1. Special Effects Technician
2. Animator
3. Fashion Designer
4.Film and TV Crew
5.Director of Photography
6. Computer Animator
8.Graphic Designer
9.Medical Illustrator
11.Database Developer
12.Web Developer
14.Film Editor
17.Sound Technician

19.Sign Maker
20.Automobile Assembler


:D I can't wait to start making alien noises!
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Date: 2007-09-10 14:43
Subject: GIANT MAN-EATING BADGERS!!! - no, really im serious....
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Read it and weep people, read it and weep. As i said to Ricky this is really all too very Izzard
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Date: 2007-09-02 18:11
Subject: ZOMG - Cris E to come back to Heroes
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He has to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has to, or i'll hunt down his lanky northern arse and yell at him till he does, anyone is welcome to join me!

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Date: 2007-08-26 17:11
Subject: To my non english FF writer on my flist. 10 little points.
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Music:Revernd and the makers - He said he loved me
Tags:rant, speech

Ahem, for those who want to write, what is called by many as "Brit-speak" may I bring a few things to your attention. Sorry, but seriously, we English/Irish/Welsh/Northern/Southern etc etc are extremely proud and arrogant. We had it when you steal our language and fuck it up (see my point, we have a complex) so please, please, please take these points into consideration. I'm talking specifically to those on my flist who write HP, Torchwood and Claude (and occasionally Mohinder) in heroes.

1) We don't say candy. If you say candy, you will get the piss ripped out of you. The correct Brit term is "

2) It’s not a teeter-totter or a jungle gym. It is a Seesaw and a climbing frame

3) we have
Candyfloss, not cotton candy.

4) It’s a jumper, not a sweater.

5) Contrary to popular belief, we do not call everyone "mate", every five seconds. Even if you're a Northerner.

6) Its not a purse, its a
HANDBAG. A purse is the female equivalent of a wallet.

7) We do not have cell phones, we have

8) It’s a Lift, not an elevator.


9) We tend to say Flat instead of apartment. That’s not a solid rule, just we very rarely say apartment.


10) Fringe, not bangs. Though if anyone could enlighten me to where the term “bangs” comes from I’d be extremely grateful.


Sorry to be anal. But when I’m reading (I hate to say it) specifically American writers. Who write for the English/Welsh, it really throws me when they say something out of the blue that makes you go “WTF, people don’t say that!?” I think its just people don’t realise how proud we can be. Even the English who have lived in the states for ten years, very rarely change their speech.


So I throw my self out there, if you want some one to check over your speech, just drop us a comment somewhere, anywhere, I’d be more than happy to help. It’s just a bad “Accent” can really, really throw people off a fic.


Remy/Gambit anyone? Ahhh now some of you will know what I mean!



[/twatish rant]



P.s in case you haven’t guessed, I am having a royally bad day. So no offence was meant at all, this is just a pet peeve making a return to the surface.
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Date: 2007-08-20 22:39
Subject: Who is so uberly cool that they made a t-shirt with the Seal of Rassilon on it?
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Tags:doctor who
Jess is :D

I was gonna make a shirt that said "Time and relative dimension in space" in that frankie says relax style. But that plan failed miserablly.

So Light blue Seal Of Rassilon on a black tshirt it is then!
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Date: 2007-08-02 17:05
Subject: This eight second clip sums up my life.... please to be watching
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Music:Me laughing my arse off
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Date: 2007-06-26 15:35
Subject: Can some one be a doll and....
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Upload me a copy of Radiohead's Creep?

My copies done a runner!!!!


p.s i promise a real update soon!
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Date: 2007-06-19 16:03
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Title says it all really...

two and a half months of freedom, exams are over, so i cant do anything about it, Just wait for results. So YAY! im going to go get a summer job me thinks, and hopfully raise enough cash to mosey on back to serbia.

But first tonight is My dear friend Jack's bday, so IM GOING TO GO GET WANKERD!!!!!!!!!!!!
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